current projects

Gecko-Inspired Robot (Slalom)

Neurocontrol and learning of gecko-like robot with a flexible body
The robot aims to achieve agile and versatile locomotion modes such as walking, climbing, and self-righting.

past projects

Sea Turtle-Inspired Robot

Platform for researching Adaptive Locomotion
Sea Turtle-Inspired Robot: Platform for researching Adaptive Locomotion that have developed at BEAR LAB since Mar 2018.

Autonomous Mobile Robot

Autonomous Mobile Robot for Outdoor Used
Mobile Robot class project at FIBO, KMUTT (Teachings by Aj.Peaw Thavida Maneewarn) in Dec 2018.

Auto Bot

Dobot system
Foundation of robotics class project at FIBO, KMUTT (Teachings by Aj.Siam) in May 2018.

The Black Box

Internet of Things (IoT) device for controlling and mornitering AC system
Internet of Things project at FIBO, KMUTT in Dec 2017. Read more

The Braille Notetaker

Braille keyboard for the blind
The Braille Notetakers are personal digital assistants for individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Input is through a Perkins-style Braille keyboard. Output is through an adjustable speech synthesiser and can connect to a computer for typing and entering text in Braille.


Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (SCARA)
Project Electronics II (Year 3, Semester 1) at EGMU in 2010